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Tricia Zimic

November 1 - December 1, 2013


Tricia Zimic's art is a narrative statement on our environmental impact that highlights the juxtaposition of native wild animals surviving in urban areas. She has worked for many years as a re-forester and has seen the devastation that can happen when things go awry with nature. Her art reflects the animals that she has witnessed trying to survive in the most unlikely places; birds nesting in high tension towers, salamanders making homes in beer cans, bears, coyote and bobcat roaming in urban yards -- all victims of urban sprawl. 


As an artist and storyteller, Tricia, trained at the Parson's School of Design in NYC, where she studied illustration with such artists as Maurice Sendak and Frank Giorgini. Her work as an illustrator of young adult books including Nancy Drew (Simon & Schuster) and many other children’s classics prepared her for her evolution as a fine artist.


She continued with studies in ceramics at the New Jersey Center of Visual Arts in Summit and painting at the Arts Student League in NYC. Comfortable in a variety of mediums including clay, fresco, oil and watercolor, she has come to call on all these disciplines in her figurative three-dimensional sculpture, which is a natural connection between her illustration and fine art.

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