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Peter Johnson

February 1- 24, 2013


Peter Moschel Johnson also known as "Peet Sketches" from New Jersey grew up on cartoons, comic books and Star Wars. As a result, he paints nudes, wrestlers, animals, cartoons and whatever else may seep it's way through his subconscious. This imagery often ends up on less traditional surfaces such as wood, vinyl, skateboard decks, even on top of flea market paintings. He credits the "loud" colors that he uses to the music that he works to and says "can't be ignored". Peter continues to experiment with new painting techniques and surfaces at feverish and relentless pace in his West Orange, NJ studio.


Since receiving his BFA in cartooning from the School of Visual Arts, his accomplishments include comic book and role playing game illustration, exhibiting his paintings and custom toys around the globe and serving as an art educator.

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