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Francesca Azzara

March 1 - 23, 2013

Francesca Azzara’s two distinct bodies of work, Windows and Whispers and Imaginary Landscapes, continue her examination of illusionary environments rooted in the emotional. The “Windows and Whispers” series juxtaposes abbreviated imagery with ambiguous observations and comments. These psychological vignettes question the relationships we encounter through life’s journey. “Imaginary Landscapes” give the viewer a glimpse of places visited but never seen, a visit to a distant memory, one that cannot be fully recalled but the sensations remain. The artist combines encaustic paint, collage and oil stick, building layers of paint, then scraping, etching and collaging. The end result is a surface filled with nuances and details that are rich with their own history.


Francesca exhibits extensively throughout the tri-state area. She has received numerous awards and has been sited in many publications including the New York Times and the Newark Star Ledger. She teaches encaustic painting at the Newark Museum and the Arts Guild of New Jersey.

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