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Art and Asanas

First Friday Paint & Sips

Art and Asanas bring their intoxicating energy to Speakeasy Art, fueled by an undying passion for creating mind and body connections through art. Each first Friday night class will offer a step by step painting experience while giving attendees a fun and exciting atmosphere to let loose! Whether this will be the first piece you've made or if you have a background in art, the tone is welcoming for all. Everyone has a creative bone in their body, these paint & sips will amplify those hidden talents with encouragement, infectious energy, and enthusiasm! Mixed mediums will be used during sessions such as watercolor, acrylic, markers, pen/pencil and more. Allowing diversity in elements and enabling a wide variety of skills. All paintings and projects will be done on  8''x10" canvases and take place on first Fridays from 7:30-9:30 pm with Lynda and Kait!

March 6th-" Serenity" Art and Asanas Buddha (FULL)

April 10th- "Lilac Love" 1of 2 options.

May 8th- "Mother of the Sea" Art and Asanas Mermaid

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