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Wish List

December 2, 2016 - January 21, 2017

.Wish List is a group exhibit featuring the collaborations of children ages 6-12 and 33 adult artists. Speakeasy Art Gallery asked children to design what they felt would be "the coolest toy ever" and received over 200 designs from three different schools. Artists then chose over 40 of those designs to create in 3D. Making an incredible combination of a child's imagination and an artist's technical ability, resulting in this one of a kind works!

participating artists: Kelly Vetter, Kristy Brucale Jach, Karen Watkins, Dan Fenelon, Laurie Pettine, Miles Partington, Kate P. Eggleston, Nicole Holley, Lisa Scudieri, Paul Jach, Emma Sam, Ron Esquiche, Morgan Seiler, Juan Gutierrez, Jodi Walker, Mike Moran, Kjelshus Collins, Christy Elizabeth O'Connor, Heather Hyatt, Richard Strohmeyer, Dave Calver, Jett Bailey, Kasey Tararuj, Chris Ernst, Emily Winona Uren, Roberta Masciarelli, Roopa Mistry Shelton, Thomas Shelton, Jessica Lynn Schoner, Danielle Kotopoulis, C.R. Spliedt, Rachael Krehel, Erica Engfer Pizza

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