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December 4, 2015 - Januaray 23, 2016


Speakeasy Art Gallery was pleased to present the adopt a robot series by ezerd gone 3D with the collaboration of some incredibly talented sculptors, toy designers, and 3D artists. This unique exhibit traveled from Dream In Plastic in Beacon, NY to Speakeasy Art Gallery and will include several new pieces for the Boonton leg of the exhibit.

Artists were invited to choose from 15 robots painted by Ezerd. Once they adopted their robot it was time to get
ez-spired. This diverse group of artists then brought Ezerd's work into the 3rd dimension by collaborating with this unique artist's imagination.

Participating artists: 
, Karly Perez, Rob Hessler, Paula Ibey, Shez, Mike Moran, Trust Pigs, HungryGhost, Kristy Brucale Jach, Kasey Tararuj, Elaine D. Walton, Erika Pizza, Melodreama, Kyle Kirwan, TMO Plater, Luv One, Vikki Sin, and Paul Jach

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