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Rob Hessler

"The Other Side of the World Part 3"

October 2 - November 28, 2015

Speakeasy Art Gallery welcomed back artist, Rob Hessler for the third installment of his "Other Side of the World" series. While the theme of part one was significant events throughout history and part two focused on locations, part three explores concepts integral to the foundation of our contemporary society.

“The Other Side of the World” is an alternate universe where the people, places, and events of our planet are represented visually by a combination of their physical features and the immediate and long-term impact they’ve had on our surroundings and us. Each of these features, depicted in a drawing, has its own momentum and internal logic.

Within “The Other Side of the World” there is a being that is able to interact with each person, location, or event and freely determine to what extent that they may experience a given interaction. The purpose of this being, called “The One in the Duck Feather Cloak,” is twofold: First, it attempts to determine the underlying concept or concepts within a specific environment; and second, it defines connections between the individual parts to create a unified whole.

The exhibit featured 19 pieces exclusive to Speakeasy Art Gallery created by hand demonstrating Hessler's masterful technique. The majority of the works featured in the “The Other Side of the World Part 3” are comprised of 
pen, marker, and pencil on paper.

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