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Jenna Morello

In Pieces

June 3 - July 23, 2016


Jenna Morello: In Pieces, the Artist’s debut solo exhibition, was exhibited in two parts. Featuring more than 40 works in total, the collection chronicles a tumultuous relationship over a span of three years. Vibrant colors juxtaposed with heavy lines and candy-shelled resin hang beside delicately drawn graphite works on hand-stained paper. The contrast between each of the works evokes a power struggle and conversation paralleling the relationship in question.

Fundamentally, In Pieces is an expression of Morello’s inner-monologue, and highlights her attention to detail and masterful manipulation of materials. The mixed media works reveal the Artist’s intuitive approach to materials and subject. One-of-a-kind collaborations blend into the collection offering an “outsider-perspective” into the relationship on display. Materials such as canvas, paper, aerosol, watercolor, and found objects are explored and transformed into expressions of the heart and representation of complex inter-human connection.

Jenna was born in Paterson, New Jersey and was raised just west in Kinnelon. She now lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Her works have been exhibited and collected in galleries around the country. The second installment of In Pieces will be exhibited at 212 Gallery in New York City.

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