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Allison Kroll


June 7 - July 20, 2019

Allison Kroll is a figurative painter based in West Orange, NJ. Kroll’s paintings explore realism laced with abstraction. She uses abstract patterns, objects, and concepts to hide her female portraits as parts of these women become visible and then invisible. This dance plays out in front of the viewer mimicking the real and imaginary coverings women wear for real life. Her most common subject is the female portrait which she imbues with thought provoking formal and metaphorical moments. Her work is in private collections and has been most notably exhibited at the Steamboat Art Museum, the Haggin Museum, the Tucson Desert Art Museum, the Salmagundi Club, and the Dacia Gallery among others.

Kroll earned her MFA in painting with honors at Queens College and her BFA in painting with honors at Maryland Institute College of Art. She has studied with famed figurative painter Alyssa Monks, and her teachers include Arthur Cohen, Lilliana Porter, Debra Priestly, and Ken Tisa.

She is published in Fine Art Connoisseur and Extended Viewing in a Museum: Implications for Teacher planning and Practice: From Observations to a Quest For Answers.
Allison Kroll was born in 1980, in Baltimore, MD. She now lives and works in West Orange, NJ.

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