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Kelly Vetter

Fabulous Monsters

February 5 - March 26, 2016


Kelly Vetter is a NJ based artist who works with the concepts of re-appropriation and considering popular culture through the material objects left behind, employing small scale works on paper, ephemera, and assemblages created from found objects. Recalling the excitement of fun forays and treasure hunts to the local flea market with her father at a young age, Ms. Vetter employs an Irish Tinker’s approach to the collection and creation of art from such cast off materials as dryer lint, vintage photos, advertising elements, and discarded or broken playthings from a long lost childhood. Her creations reveal a passion for symbolism and the use of narrative as told by an amalgamation of animal hybrids and jaded girl guides; a fractured fairytale told through the post punk suburban point of view.

Kelly Vetter promo shot web.jpg

The work presented in this show is an example of this artistic alchemy practiced by the artist, combined with the lifelong inspiration from her favorite childhood book “Through the Looking Glass” rich with its’ inventive and hallucinatory inhabitants. A vision viewed with the eyes of the young female protagonist, we see the “Fabulous Monsters” one encounters in their own imagination, dark daydreams, and forays into fantasy are presented anew.

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