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C. Spliedt

February 7 - March 2, 2014


C. Spliedt is based in northern New Jersey and has made the rounds in the area representing his art utilizing multiple disciplines. His early work saturated the hardcore music scene, consisting of album cover designs, band t-shirts and gig posters. In recent years his paintings, custom toys and high quality prints have been featured in multiple group exhibits.

As an artist perpetually in motion, C. Spliedt is consistently writing, painting, sculpting, illustrating, and more. Spliedt's style can be described as fantasy, creepy, colorful, engaging and leaves you wanting to take a second look. The artist's preferred medium is graphite on paper. Often scanning his drawings into the computer where he makes them more vibrant by adding color digitally. His works on canvas and custom toys are created mainly with acrylics.

The artist has received a lot of recognition lately for the creation of “How
Do the Animals Live?”, a children's book that he wrote and illustrated. It has sold over 1,000 copies since it’s launch late summer 2013. He brought the book to life in an interactive iBook that reads aloud and has an engaging activity page for the reader. Currently, C. Spliedt is finishing his next book titled "Wishes for Fishes” to be released later this year. The book will be a collection of short stories and poems by Spliedt accompanied by his illustrations.

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