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The Art of the Mix Tape

August 7 - September 19, 2015


"The Art of the Mix Tape" featured over 50 works by more than 30 artists; all priced below $200. The gallery challenged artists to create a piece of art named after a song by a specific artist made either on or from an actual cassette tape. The result is an eclectic mix of art and artists inspired by just about any genre of music you can imagine, from hip hop to classical, folk to metal and everything in between. When displayed together, the exhibit itself will become a mix tape, with the original songs accompanying the art.

The participating artists include some Speakeasy Art Gallery favorites such as Mike Bell, RobHesslerand Amy Puccio as well as some newcomers to the gallery like Jenna Morello and Kelly Vetter.

The mix tape is a form of American folk art: predigested cultural artifacts combined with homespun technology and magic marker, turn the mix tape into a message in a bottle. I am no mere consumer of pop culture, it says, but also a producer of it." - Matias Viegener

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