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Sound and Vision

June 7 - July 28, 2013


Speakeasy Art Gallery's 2013 summer group exhibit was, "Sound & Vision". Music and sound has always coexisted with and been a source of inspiration for the visual arts. The "Sound & Vision" exhibit explored this theme.

Speakeasy Art Gallery's curators, Paul and Kristy Jach, are collaborated with guest co-curator Sal Canzonieri of the band Electric Frankenstein for this exhibit. Speakeasy Art Gallery chose to work with Sal for "Sound & Vision" since he has produced and published two books comprised of art that had been created for Electric Frankenstein. The works featured in these books include art from the likes of such underground art legends as Derek Hess
,Coop and Frank Kozik. The curators assembled an impressive line up of artists. The exhibit featured works by Speakeasy Art Gallery's past and future solo exhibitors in addition to posters straight from the pages of Sal Canzonieri's books.

Contributing artists include: Jameson Reed, Rob Hessler, C. Splidt, Jan Huling, Rob Barth, Amy Puccio, Tom Shelton, Michael Teters, Paul Jach, Mike Moran and Liz Ramsey

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