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Jan Huling

October 4 -28, 2013


Hoboken artist Jan Huling has been playing with beads for the better part of her life, but became obsessed with them about twelve years ago. Beginning with beaded kazoos but quickly moving on to beaded dolls, animals, instruments, and nearly anything that'll stand still, Jan has become a fixture in the heady world of beaded fine art. Her work can be seen in galleries across the country as well as in books and and an occasional tv spot. What will be her next beaded victim? Stay tuned!


Covering a form with countless glass seed beads is a slow and meticulous job requiring a steady hand, an even steadier supply of glue, and a well tuned radio. Jan Huling has all of these and a great deal of patience as well. None of the designs are planned in advance, Jan prefers to let the patterns grow across a surface in an organic way, allowing colors and shapes to play off of each other in ways that surprise and, hopefully, delight the viewer.

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